dinsdag 19 mei 2015

Songs of lament

Just to put the record straight, I didn't become Muslim over night, frankly I didn't become Muslim at all.  This is my attempt to understand how you can cope with the numerous deaths of migrants seeking a better life in Europe, and the men who take advantage of fortune seekers, economic refugees, and people who are trying to escape war, death and prosecution in their home countries.  Europe is a safe haven for people living under the reign of ISIS, a barbaric and theocratic movement seeking to create the so-called islamic caliphate.  What is the appeal of their messages of blood, revenge and gore for misguided young Muslims in the West.  Perhaps young men are attracted by the salary Isis provides, certainly if you take into account the racism and discrimination in the work force in Europe, perhaps they come for the promise of to be given a subservient wife which is appealing for teenagers who never kissed a girl. I don't know. I made an attempt to get in the head of an Isis recruit, try to seek what is the appeal.  If I succeeded in doing just that,  is up to you. Arguing with Muslims sometimes is difficult due to the resolve of their conviction, if only they could look in the hart of the Sunni population in Syria and Iraq, which became disenchanted with the barbaric, theocratic rule of Isis, they perhaps chose ISIS above a shia rule  in the past but living with the consequences of their choice remains difficult.  ISIS doesn't want to execute acts of terror in the west, this is only a pretext, their ultimate battle is to fight, battle the Americans, obsessed with oil and capitalism, in the Levant, Samuel Huntington's clash of civilizations.  I hope that Europe, which has a large group of Muslims considers a third way, a way of integration, and not of separation, seggregation as politicians as Wilders adhere, but foremost we'll have to understand Muslims, even Isis recruits, I hope my poem can be the beginning of a larger understanding of those disappointed angry young men.



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